Executive Coaching

I offer business leaders the opportunity to bring real and sustainable shifts to their business and organisation as a whole.

One of the key lessons I have learned in my career is the importance of culture in driving success. As the famous management consultant Peter Drucker famously stated,

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

In executive coaching, we focus on building a strong, adaptive, and positive culture that will serve as the foundation for your business’s ongoing success.


Executive coaching supports leaders to adapt their approach to the internal and external challenges their business faces. Together we reflect on and generate options to transform

  • Organisational culture
  • Relationships
  • Communication styles
  • Individual personalities
  • Group behaviour

Executive coaching addresses all levels of company structure, being as responsive to the business as it is to the individual.

The executive coaching approach is to see internal difficulties as developmental opportunities which can be practically and healthily transformed.


In coaching key individuals and teams, executive coaching supports

  • learning to value personal accountability
  • creative problem-solving approaches
  • effective communication and relationships, and
  • sustaining the specific changes needed by the business


Executive coaching maximises the effectiveness the work by engaging key individuals and their teams. By supporting strategic decision-makers optimise their self-management and response to challenges while managing the business, executive coaching supports peak leadership performance especially in difficult times.


As every business has unique needs, we identify and plan together the most suitable coaching strategy, through consultation with key figures, gaining insight and buy-in from a sufficiently broad exploration of relevant issues.


A consulting process is crucial to co-create adequate strategies for each business’s unique scenario and desired outcomes.

I consult with carefully chosen personnel within the business to leverage diverse perspectives, expertise, and experiences to identify important elements of the organisational environment. This process alone offers insight into aspects of the business which may have been taken for granted or overlooked.

Information emerging from this part of the process is then used in planning the interventions to be employed strategically.

This active strategy is then measured over time in a finite and planned process to ensure the business’ needs and outcomes have been satisfied.

Leilah Najjaar
Western Cape Government Health
Acting Director at Western Cape Government Health

Thank you for the manner in which you have facilitated our sessions. It was both professional and productive. Although my initial expectations of the coaching were somewhat obscured you remained committed and respectful. I have learnt many lessons about myself and feel I have gained the ability to navigate my way through challenging situations or circumstances. The models you shared will be of great value to me for many years to come. I would highly recommend your coaching service to anyone willing to make positive and rewarding life changes.

Anand Manickaraj

Alex came highly recommended as an empathetic coach, which he was! I contracted a few sessions to sort through some growing concerns that needed to be addressed. His ability to actively listen, understand the underpinning issues of both my personal and professional life were exemplary. He heard what was unspoken and brought it to my awareness through powerful questions and direct communication. This opened up the space for me to explore options to resolve my concerns. I benefited from his gentle nudges that helped me commit to new approaches to overcome old and tried methods that were ineffective. He clearly demonstrated a professional code of ethics and conduct. I find him generous in sharing his knowledge to create a lasting change.

Karen Pratt
TA Matters
Transactional Analyst, Personal Coach, Coach Supervisor, Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator at TAmatters

Alex has great skill in listening deeply and hearing underlying beliefs. His passion for the appreciative approach gently invites his clients to connect with their best selves. His insightful questions make him a powerful coach. He is deeply self-reflective which positively impacts all of his work.

Marguerite Sacco
Independent Corporate Trainer/Facilitator

Alex is a meticulous, insightful coach. He challenges thinking while being supportive and highly considerate of the process. He is trustworthy and provides a safe place in which one can explore one’s potential.

Mark Chipps
Mark Chipps

Gestalt 2-chair coaching. “I went into this completely unprepared for what was about to transpire. Alex explained the process very well and prodded me with subtle questions and gave me clear guidance. I broke down twice during the session, which is not a common thing for me, especially in company of another male, but he handled the situation beautifully. I had several epiphanies during the session and one big revelation. Over the following days I had further mind shifts and felt the release of years of built-up anger and resentment for someone else that was not even part of this conflict resolution. This was very powerful, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has any unresolved conflict with anyone.”


Organisational development tools are used with small or large groups which span the whole company. My work is informed by proven modalities, primarily Appreciative Inquiry and transactional analysis.


Appreciative inquiry is a creative organisational development process designed to inspire people and teams to resolve challenges in a future-focused and collaborative way. The process simultaneously creates a collaborative spirit and the processes required for teams of any size to reach their goals. The process powerfully engages collaboration within and between teams. Appreciative Inquiry work can be supported by follow-up coaching.


Transactional analysis (TA) is a social psychology which offers powerful insights and solutions to support people and businesses with communication, relationships, and response to challenges. TA can be used in one-on-one coaching with business leaders and delivered in workshops as part of a larger strategy. TA workshops are aligned to the company’s needs, and the situations which personnel encounter. Follow-up coaching supports personnel after a TA workshop.


If you would like to read more about my clients’ experiences of my work, my personal journey and credentials visit the About Me page.


Confidentiality is one of the most important aspects of the work I do. Together we map out the scope and expectations around confidentiality so that you are 100% sure of how information is handled, ethically and professionally.


No. It is not ethical or professional to guarantee a client’s desired results.

I can guarantee opportunities for learning from our experience of the process.

Client Sectors

  • Department of Defence
  • Department of Health Services
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Department of Transport
  • Financial Services Providers
  • Education
  • NPOs and NPCs
  • Community organisations
  • Private individuals