Functional Fluency and TIFF

What is Functional Fluency?

Functional Fluency is a model for understanding how people behave, and a practical framework to help them ‘respond’ more and ‘react’ less.

Insights from the Functional Fluency model encourage people to: 

  • Focus on their strengths
  • Enhance what they already do well
  • Transform patterns of behaviour that don’t work well
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Find relationships more satisfying and successful
  • Functional Fluency is the art and skill of interpersonal effectiveness.  

What is TIFF?

The Temple Index of Functional Fluency (TIFF©) is a personal development tool based on the Functional Fluency model.  It was created by Susannah Temple in 2002. TIFF gives people a snapshot of their effectiveness in multiple situations. It is great for both private individuals, and within businesses for individuals and teams alike.

Completion of the TIFF Questionnaire provides snapshots of the person’s patterns of social behaviour

  • TIFF does not measure abilities or ‘type’ people in any way
  • TIFF provides a profile of a person’s patterns of social behaviour
  • The one-to-one collaborative feedback with a TIFF Provider, produces a unique, co-created profile, with discussion, support and guidance for how to put it to use.
  • The TIFF process puts the personal back into personal development, boosting morale and motivating change.
  • Using the self-awareness and understanding gained from TIFF enhances people’s abilities to build effective relationships.


Understanding how personnel are effective in business is a critical tool for leveraging strengths and strategizing on professional development. TIFF is a comfortable and easy start to any business coaching relationship. It is simple to understand and personnel can use it to their advantage when facing challenges that impact business. Within key groups, TIFF provides a unique snapshot of the team’s overall strengths and business risk, ideal for strategizing on team development in a company. 

Read here what business managers are saying about TIFF (


Having an awareness of how you are most effective really helps in challenging relationships, whether personal or professional, in your approach to tasks and even how you treat yourself. TIFF gives you the tools to understand how you can employ your own strengths in any situation. It also gives you insight into your developmental areas which you can find support in through follow-up coaching. TIFF equips you to navigate life with awareness, intention and potency.


  1. You complete a 20 minute online questionnaire followed by a personal feedback session with me. 
  2. The TIFF feedback with me involves a walkthrough of the Functional Fluency framework so you can understand what your results mean in context. 
  3. We then take a closer look at your specific results, giving you a wholesome snapshot of your current effectiveness. This can be used within any context or something specific you might decide to pay attention to. 
  4. The results are yours to keep forever. You will leave the session with new awareness of your strengths, as well as any actions you may find useful to follow through on and opportunities for growth. 


TIFF fees are tiered depending on the context (private/business/NGO) and executive level. Please contact me for a quote.