Community of Practice for Coaches


The community of practice (CoP) is an online meeting of coaching practitioners. We practice across a wide scope of modalities (Neuro Linguistic Programming, transactional analysis, Enneagram etc), and different schools of training. The focus of the CoP is connection, sharing and a sense of community within our profession.

These events are interactive and experiential, and our community of practice meetings promise engagement and sharing. Through sharing our experiences as people and professionals we give and receive support, ideas and laughter!


Our community of practice meetings promise fun, engagement, sharing and growth. There are no lectures, trainers or how-to’s. Refreshment, energy and connection is what we’re about. The philosophy of the group structure is decentralised.

Every two months, coaches from around the world take turns hosting a free one and a half hour group meeting for fellow coaches. You are welcome to have a conversation on anything!

Topics we have explored are

  • sharing our professional and personal experiences in a coaching context
  • how to work online
  • digital tools and resources
  • running a coaching business
  • insight into supervision and coach mentoring

Let’s connect and see what emerges!


The CoPs are free, you will not be sold to (and we expect the same), you do not need to prepare. You are welcome to come with something that has been on your mind and share, receive support and contributions which may assist you.

The dates for the year are visible on the registration page.

Register below to join us and let’s see what emerges!

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting

Please note:

  • set up and test your camera and mic settings prior to the meeting
  • meetings will be locked 5 minutes after starting
  • to maintain psychological safety and our sense of community, please aim to attend the whole 1.5 hour meeting (please no late arrivals/early departures). People may come to the space feeling vulnerable and challenged- respect, acceptance, non-judgement and confidentiality are paramount.
  • for security- ensure your name and surname is visible, so you can be admitted from the waiting room

A Humble Request

In 2021 I undertook a new practice, traditional Japanese martial arts- Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu “The body method for the Warrior Way”.

While this involves learning to use the body in striking, grappling and the use of weapons, this is fundamentally expanding my mind and spirit as well.

The community of practice events are free. Please consider contributing to my martial arts teacher Jason Roberts Sensei’s cancer fund on I am not affiliated with the fund and am not compensated in any way. Please click here to visit his fund page.

Thank you for considering this.