Coaching for Individuals


I work with people from all backgrounds to help them change something about their lives. Some clients want to bring a shift to a professional or personal relationship, others want to reach a particular goal. The specifics of your life or job are inconsequential to the work we will do together. The change that people want to see actually happen can only come after a shift in how they approach the task, situation, other person or themselves. This shift would be what we create together in the coaching work you do with me, and what will lead to the tangible change you want to see and experience in your life.


By approaching your lived experience with curiosity, we create new insights and the possibility of change. You will learn to recognise and stop old ways of problem solving which do not serve you, and create new ones which are helpful and highly productive. You will be able to use your existing and new strengths with awareness, intention and potency to solve not only your immediate challenges, but unforeseen ones as well.

As a coach it is my passion to provide a safe and potent environment in which you can explore your approach to problem solving. You will gain deeper insight into yourself and your challenges, opening up positive potential to personal and professional change.

Some people like to start with some insight into themselves using a tool called TIFF (Temple Index of Functional Fluency). For more information on TIFF, click here.


One coaching session every two to four weeks works well for many people. Each situation is different and the details of our coaching arrangement will be mutually designed based on your own circumstances. 

Consider that between coaching sessions, 

  • you find an opportunity to take action based on your insights and strategies planned in the previous coaching session
  • you will set aside some time to reflect on how these actions have helped you reach your outcomes, or why they did not
  • you will think about the specific focus for the next coaching session

As you will have a different context and outcome compared to the next person, the timing of your sessions depends on your own needs and circumstances.


I approach my service fees with the philosophy of “co-creating the coaching agreement”. Because of this the coaching fees I charge may differ from country to country and person to person based on their circumstances.

If you would like to learn more about how we can work together, please use the contact form on my home page or “Book a Session” menu.


Thank you for the manner in which you have facilitated our sessions. It was both professional and productive. Although my initial expectations of the coaching were somewhat obscured you remained committed and respectful. I have learnt many lessons about myself and feel I have gained the ability to navigate my way through challenging situations or circumstances. The models you shared will be of great value to me for many years to come. I would highly recommend your coaching service to anyone willing to make positive and rewarding life changes.

“Alex came highly recommended as an empathetic coach, which he was! I contracted a few sessions to sort through some growing concerns that needed to be addressed. His ability to actively listen, understand the underpinning issues of both my personal and professional life were exemplary. He heard what was unspoken and brought it to my awareness through powerful questions and direct communication. This opened up the space for me to explore options to resolve my concerns. I benefited from his gentle nudges that helped me commit to new approaches to overcome old and tried methods that were ineffective. He clearly demonstrated a professional code of ethics and conduct. I find him generous in sharing his knowledge to create a lasting change.”

“Engaging with Alex as a coach is an uplifting experience. Through focused and meaningful conversations he enables you to identify and subsequently deal with the real issues at hand. Alex affords a safe space, an opportunity to delve into your psyche and recognise self-imposed limitations and addressing underlying issues. As matters are pinpointed, you work from that platform. Alex’s coaching helps you unravel subjects and commit to a process for a desired outcome. You leave the session feeling energised and equipped to put your plans into practice and see simple interventions make a big difference.”