Supervision for Executive, Leadership and Organisational Coaches


Coaching an executive includes reflecting on and responding to the complexity of their role as leader within an organisational context. Executive coaching conversations cover personal life, C-Suite relationships, organisational departments, key employees, and organisational strategy and dynamics. The executive client’s approach to these aspects and their challenges in each are just one of seven elements of coaching in this space.

As a coach supervisor, I work with executive, leadership and organisational coaches, to map out the seven elements of coaching in organisations, reflect on their overall impact, and strategise on appropriate coaching responses. The tangible outcome for the coach, is a potent and lasting impact on the organisation as a whole, beyond the work with the individual coaching client.

When coaching is working well, it is personally enriching to the leadership coach and their client. I work with coaches operating in an organisational space, in an explorative way, to recognise where their own stuff, their approach, client challenges or organisational dynamics get in the way of fulfilling and effective organisational coaching.

Managing complexity in an organisational coaching setting can be particularly difficult. I am trained to help coaches make sense of these situations and design ethical and safe responses relevant to client and organisational needs.


If you’re experiencing a challenging client or situation, we will first work towards feeling grounded and whole, to then make more sense of what is going on in your practice so you can be more effective for your clients.

I am adaptable to your needs and preferences as a coach, whilst maintaining the spirit of personal and professional development, and coaching standards. I use a variety of methods, models, approaches, and philosophies as is relevant to your needs and case. Of particular interest to organisational coaches is Peter Hawkins’ 7-Eyed Model of Supervision, which maps out elements of coaching in this space.

I work with my clients through encrypted online video calling. This provides convenience, saves resources, time and allows global connection with the ease of a click. 

I supervise executive coaches one-to-one ad-hoc or monthly. Some coaches prefer to start with some insight into themselves using a tool called TIFF (Temple Index of Functional Fluency). For more information on TIFF, click here.

Individual supervision

My supervision rate is based on the average of what you charge your own clients per hour. My starting rate for executive coach supervision is US$330 per 60 minute session.


As a practitioner working within the field of personal and professional development with other human beings, you will always be one element of the dynamic in these relationships.

Specifically within the intricate environments of organisations, the nature of these relationships can present difficult ethical dilemmas, personal triggers and complexity. Often dynamics with an organisational origin emerge between the coach and the client, outside of either’s direct awareness. Within supervision we together recognise where you are effectively managing these issues, so that you can build those skills with more intent, as well as where you are getting stuck in the issues, so that you can respond effectively, safely and ethically with an impact on your executive client and the organisation as a whole.


Executive coach supervision helps you recognise how you approach your practice and engage with executive clients.

It is about understanding your strengths and developmental areas with deeper insight, so you can use them consciously and with intent as needed, within the context of leadership coaching in organisations. You will learn to recognise patterns that emerge in your experiences with executive clients and the management of your practice as a business. This helps you avoid repeat difficulties whilst increasing your effectiveness as an organisational coach, leadership coach or executive coach.


In coach supervision you can expect to resolve the challenges you experience with clients and in managing your practice. I supervise professional coaches both new to the field and experienced, whether working with individuals or groups, or at executive level in organisations.

I am passionate about helping coaches to grow their online and face to face businesses. In addition to supervision, I share a number of business tools and best practices to help coaches enhance their approach to their practice and engagement with clients.


I am a trained supervisor and a COMENSA Registered Supervisor. I supervise using a co-creative and appreciative approach, aligned with supervision’s core of psychological mindedness. I use transactional analysis as a framework to help explore experiences and relationships. I maintain professional practice by working with my own supervisor and other continuous professional development training.


The work I do in supervision goes beyond only thinking as a means of problem-solving. You can expect to experience a paradigm shift in the way you think but also how you feel, your energy, your behaviour and your engagement with clients and your practice. The outcomes of supervision with me are whole-person focused and sustainable. 

Having shifted into the space of working with people from an entirely different career, I have first-hand experience with the challenges that come along with starting and running a business.

In addition to case supervision I can guide you to a number of technical solutions and tools that not only make running your business easier but save you time as well.

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I left each group supervision session with Alex being expanded by his role modelling coaching supervision. My horizons were broadened by the individual learning and edge work of participant coaches, by the collective group learning and the sense of community that developed. A warm smile crosses my face, as I recall the clarity of intention and skill with which Alex fostered the coaching supervision environment by using creative structure. He is skilled at applying both supervision and transactional analysis theory to help coaches grow in their practice, in themselves as well as areas of vulnerability. I experienced Alex as grounded in his coaching supervision approach and resourceful in sharing knowledge, tools, observations and reading material for growth.”

“Alex has been supervising me for quite a long time, during which he has become an integral and highly valued contributor to my continuous learning and development. Despite the considerable distance between South Africa and Switzerland, I chose Alex as my supervisor because of his remarkably solid academic foundation, strong coaching experience and his straight forward, friendly and results-oriented approach. Coaching supervision is so much more than a tick-box compliance exercise and I cherish my sessions with Alex as opportunities to reflect, challenge my assumptions and design actionable outcomes. I recommend Alex to any professional coach looking for a top-tier, committed and highly competent supervisor.”

“I grew in a number of ways through working with Alex as my coaching supervisor. His gently challenging attention kept me focused when I digressed. He is a master of asking questions that nudge (and sometime necessarily push) one forward and I learned a lot from listening to him question fellow coaches in the supervision group as well as from the results I derived from his questioning me. His approach of supervising in groups increased the scope and depth of learning. His broad theoretical knowledge expanded my coaching repertoire and his careful attention to detail and the bigger picture contributed significantly to my unfolding professional development.”

Alex is an insightful and supportive supervisor. I’ve very much enjoyed working with him as he gently asks thought provoking questions to help me reflect on my coaching practice. Alex adds value to enhance coaching mastery!”