Energise Your Coaching Business with Supervision

This is a once off event with space for 4 full-time professional coaches.

The model of the Supervision Triangle addresses all aspects of the coaching practitioner in an holistic way. Supervision addresses three aspects of the person: the individual as a human being, the individual as a coach, and the individual as a professional. The personal influences the professional in many ways, and for coaches who run their own practice, this has special significance. Through exploring ourselves in relation to how we manage our practice, we can leverage our strengths and respond with awareness to our developmental areas. The Supervision Triangle affords us an intuitive and easy-to-navigate model, giving deeper insight into both.

Set aside two hours for this work, to allow time to connect with each other, co-create our work together, and engage in some learning through coach supervision.

About the Supervisor

I work co-creatively, empathically and in the here-and-now. Much of my philosophy, technique and framework is informed by transactional analysis, a social psychology which conceptualises how people think, feel and behave in relationships and communication.

About the Experience

You do not need to have had experience of supervision to register for this event. This group is not about the “what”, or the circumstances, it is about the “who”, values and meaning. The group will deepen awareness of your “being” as a coach and a person, leading to tangible outcomes to apply to your practice as a whole.

$150 (early bird discount: book by 17 March and only pay $120)
Concessions considered on request

In this potent 2-hour supervision group you can expect:

– tight contracting on confidentiality, to create an effective space for group work
– a transformative experience, shifting your thinking and your being in relation to your coaching practice
– an holistic understanding of yourself, enabling you to take appropriate action with awareness

I help coaches make sense of and respond effectively to the challenges they face as people and professionals.

If you’re experiencing a challenging situation, we will first work towards feeling grounded and whole, to then make more sense of what is going on in your practice so you can be more effective for your clients.

If you want to have a conversation with me to check if this is a fit for you, scroll to the end of the page to book

Jens Kleis Frederiksen
JKF Coaching
Executive Coach

Alex has been supervising me for quite a long time, during which he has become an integral and highly valued contributor to my continuous learning and development. Despite the considerable distance between South Africa and Switzerland, I chose Alex as my supervisor because of his remarkably solid academic foundation, strong coaching experience and his straight forward, friendly and results-oriented approach. Coaching supervision is so much more than a tick-box compliance exercise and I cherish my sessions with Alex as opportunities to reflect, challenge my assumptions and design actionable outcomes. I recommend Alex to any professional coach looking for a top-tier, committed and highly competent supervisor.

Karolyne Williams
South African College of Applied Psychology
Head of Strategic Innovation at SACAP (The South African College of Applied Psychology) & CEO Coach

Alex is an insightful and supportive supervisor. I’ve very much enjoyed working with him as he gently asks thought provoking questions to help me reflect on my coaching practice. Alex adds value to enhance coaching mastery!

Angelina Yonekura
Success | Development | Leadership Coach ⚬ First-Gen Graduate ⚬ Addictions Counselor ⚬ US & South Africa

Alex is beyond amazing when it comes to really connecting to the core motivation and challenges I have experienced as a coach. I respect his professionalism and keeping me aligned with ICF core competencies. He goes deep, but carries the conversation with empathy and genuine motivation in helping me find my strengths and desire to continually grow and find what style and methods work for me. Alex has been one of the most significant influences in my coaching journey with SACAP and I appreciate the work he has done to help me maximize my abilities, and compassion to understand the human side of the trials and successes in personal and professional development.


Althea Banda-Hansmann
Founding Director, Transformation Coach, Consultant and Facilitator

I left each group supervision session with Alex being expanded by his role modelling coaching supervision. My horizons were broadened by the individual learning and edge work of participant coaches, by the collective group learning and the sense of community that developed. A warm smile crosses my face, as I recall the clarity of intention and skill with which Alex fostered the coaching supervision environment by using creative structure. He is skilled at applying both supervision and Transactional Analysis theory to help coaches grow in their practice, in themselves as well as areas of vulnerability. I experienced Alex as grounded in his coaching supervision approach and resourceful in sharing knowledge, tools, observations and reading material for growth.

Kathy Lewis
Leadership / Management Coach, Facilitator & Consultant

I grew in a number of ways through working with Alex as my coaching supervisor. His gently challenging attention kept me focused when I digressed. He is a master of asking questions that nudge (and sometime necessarily push) one forward and I learned a lot from listening to him question fellow coaches in the supervision group as well as from the results I derived from his questioning me. His approach of supervising in groups increased the scope and depth of learning. His broad theoretical knowledge expanded my coaching repertoire and his careful attention to detail and the bigger picture contributed significantly to my unfolding professional development.

Gaby Leone
Goal and Purpose Coach: Free To Fly Life Coaching

I found my supervision interaction with Alex very useful. Through incisive questions and focussed listening, he helped me gain valuable insights into myself as coach.

Nkulu Madonko
Common Good

Alex has been a consummate professional in his Supervision of my Coach learning journey whilst completing my SACAP Post Grad Diploma in Coaching Internship. Alex provided me with relevant and informative reflection, and oversight of my coaching as practice. He attentively focused on: 1) my growth & development as a coach – enhancing my competence as a practitioner; 2) carefully supported and nurtured my role of coach as a person – deepening my confidence and self-belief of who I am as a coach; and 3) skilfully displayed what it means to be a professional coach – providing me a lived experience of integrity and collaboration in the way in which he supported our reflective dialogue. It has been an absolute privilege partnering and collaborating with Alex!

Stephen Beukes
Stephen Beukes (Pty) Ltd
Professional Life Coach

I place great value on the contribution that the supervision work I do with Alex has made (and continues to make) to my coaching practice. His gently rigorous way of being has helped me negotiate tricky coaching challenges, develop practices that take care of myself and supported me to clarify the sort of coach I wish to be. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

David Kossew
Software Architect and Leadership & Team Coach (ICF - ACC, ORSC)

Alex has been my supervisor since my business coaching internship in 2018. I have taken many varied and different things into supervision with Alex, from referrals, to incorporating assessments into my coaching practice, to conflicts of interest, and even team coaching with a co-coach.

I find Alex to be extremely knowledgeable, especially when it comes to Transactional Analysis (TA), the “7-eyed model of supervision” and other theory he draws from in the moment. Everything I’ve brought into supervision, we have looked at through the lens of one of these frameworks, and every time I’ve come away with more insight and awareness of what I am responsible for in these coaching relationship systems.

A supervision session feels challenging, insightful and highly rewarding, as long as you work for it and are willing to be honest with yourself in terms of thoughts, feelings, judgments and decisions.

If you want to have a conversation with me prior to the event, to check if this is the right fit for you, feel free to book that below.