WHAT IS THE Coaching Reflections Group?

Every Friday at 11h00 (South Africa) | 09h00 (UTC), Alex van Oostveen (me) and colleague Andrew Matthews will be hosting one and a half hour group professional reflection/coach supervision sessions for coaches. 

The meeting offers a space for coach support through reflective practice/supervision. We hold a safe, confidential space for coaches to reflect on topics of interest, their practice or engagement with clients, in support of continuous professional development.

Payment for registration closes an hour before each session. Payments/registrations after this will roll over to the next week’s session.

How to register/pay.

1. Make your payment using PayPal. Click on the button below and you will be directed to make a payment of US $85 on PayPal. 

2. Register for the date you want to attend using the button below.

3. You will receive the Zoom meeting details when we receive your payment (please check your spam folder).

Let’s connect and see what emerges!

About Andrew and Alex

Alex is a certified coach and supervisor with COMENSA and an ACC with ICF. He practices using transactional analysis and an appreciative approach, working online with clients in South Africa, India, UK and Europe. You can read more about Alex’s practice of supervision here.

Andrew is a coach, coach supervisor and mentor coach holding an ICF ACC and COMENSA CCP. His practice is supported and informed by Transactional Analysis, Appreciative Inquiry and Co-Active Coaching. Andrew works online with clients in South Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. You can read more about Andrew and his coach supervision practice.


What is it we will do?

Supervision, or reflective practice, involves exploring and responding to different elements of one’s practice. This might be a session with a client which did not go well, a session which left you feeling not OK, or a session which left you wondering what went on etc. 

Alex and Andrew provide you with an array of options to work with your topic, covering support, development and action. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach, rather we co-create the best framework, method and outcomes based on your needs, the group’s needs, and the context.

DOES this COUNT TOWARDS Continuous Professional Development (CPD)?

Major coaching professional bodies like ICF, EMCC, COMENSA etc, do encourage supervision. Many of these bodies allow participation in supervision to be logged towards CPD. These arrangements are continuously updated and so we advise you to check with the professional body to which you belong, on the status of supervision and the requirements to log it as CPD. We provide letters/certificates on request for sessions which are actively participated in as supervision.


There are many definitions of supervision, and despite the risk of seeming critical, we find it necessary to note that some sources are uninformed, untrained and inexperienced. Supervision is not coaching the coach. The Coaching Reflections group is not a place where we provide coaching. We do not offer advice, solutions to problems or offer solutions to your clients’ challenges. Supervision does however address these topic, and it does so through reflective practice where the focus is on the coach as a person, coach and professional.

How to use this group session

The Coaching Reflections Group will run weekly and does not require an ongoing commitment to attend every session. This then offers access to an affordable and valuable professional reflection/coach supervision space for those looking for either regular sessions or supervision at short notice.


Payment for registration closes an hour before each session. Payments/registrations after this will roll over to the next week’s session.

Payment must be made before meeting details will be shared with you.

(To ensure quality of work and safety of attendees, the meeting will be locked 5 minutes after starting. Non attendance will result in forfeiture of payment).