More about Alex van Oostveen

I create personal transformation through conversation

My previous career in military flying instruction led me to being a coach and coach supervisor. Being leader of the SA Air Force’s formation aerobatic team, I had to learn first-hand the value of potent leadership, effective communication & relationships. I now work with individuals and teams to create and sustain these skills in their own business’ culture and personal lives.

Using secure online technology I globally provide 

  • personal coaching
  • coaching programmes for corporates
  • coach supervision for individuals 
  • coach supervision for organizations

I am really passionate about coach supervision. I supervise coaches one-to-one ad-hoc or monthly. For coaches wanting to learn in community with others, I host supervision groups. Some coaches prefer to start with some insight into themselves using a tool called TIFF (Temple Index of Functional Fluency), I am a certified TIFF provider.

In coach supervision you can expect to resolve the challenges you experience with clients and in managing your practice. I supervise professional coaches both new to the field and experienced, whether working with individuals or groups, or at executive level in organisations.

I am passionate about helping coaches to grow their online and face to face businesses. In addition to supervision, I share a number of business tools and best practices to help coaches enhance their approach to their practice and engagement with clients.

I am a certified supervisor and a Registered Supervisor with COMENSA. I supervise using a co-creative and appreciative approach. I use transactional analysis (TA) as a framework to help explore experiences and relationships. TA is a globally employed psychological model for understanding and developing organisations’ cultures and people’s thinking, feeling and behaviour.

As a coach, I am passionate about supporting my clients to take the lead in their journey to effective relationships and communication skills, with clear thinking and accountable action.

Social Responsibility

I serve voluntary roles in the following NPO/NGOs:

My past roles in voluntary capacities:

  • SATAA Board Secretary
  • COMENSA Supervision Portfolio Committee vice chairperson
  • COMENSA Membership Criteria and Standards of Competence Committee vice chairperson
  • COMENSA Western Cape Vice Chair
  • COMENSA Western Cape Secretary