About Alex van Oostveen

I create personal transformation through conversation

My coaching and supervision practice springboarded off a 20-year career in military operational flying and advanced flight instruction.

Features of my military career,

  • Leader and Nr 3 pilot of the South African Air Force’s formation aerobatic team The Silver Falcons
  • Advanced flight instructor: testing and training qualified fighter, helicopter and transport pilots in how to give flying instruction
  • Operational helicopter pilot and flight instructor: flying operational sorties in and outside of South Africa’s borders, testing and training squadron aircrew in regular and operational flying.

In the military I learned first-hand the value of potent leadership, effective communication and relationships within complex, high-stakes, and dynamic environments.

As a coach, I apply these experiences by helping business leaders successfully navigate their own systems, organisations and environments, through accurate sense-making, self-management and a whole-person-approach to problem solving.

My deep passion for coach supervision comes from my personal experience of its transformational impact, as well as my aviation background in standards, training and performance review. While these latter aspects are not explicitly what supervision is about, they are visited at appropriate times in reflective practice. I supervise coaches one-to-one ad-hoc or monthly. For coaches wanting to learn in community with others, I host supervision groups.

Track Shot

Some challenges I have undertaken in my own life,

  • Overcoming a lack of confidence as an aviator. I had held myself back from being a skilled pilot, until I overcame my internal limitations
  • In my adult life I have dedicated my free time to spiritual exploration and personal development. From meditation, reading spiritual material, engaging with spiritual teachers, to therapy for personal development, I immerse myself in a variety of experiences in a journey of becoming more whole, connected to self and the universe. I have grown in my cognitive, non-rational, spiritual and professional abilities.
  • I was thrilled and terrified by the idea of riding a motorcycle, so I set out on a cross country trip on a Yamaha TDM 850 twin-cylinder motorcyle. The bike broke down on the first day in the middle of nowhere! But, gaining confidence over time, I have managed to compete in the advanced/fast group category of riders on the racetrack on my BMW S1000RR superbike
  • Leaving the military to start my own business. I jumped in the deep end, learning the ropes on the job. I now have an established coaching and supervision business

Using secure online technology, I globally provide

  • personal coaching
  • coaching packages for corporates
  • coach supervision for individuals and groups
  • coach supervision for organisations

I enjoy helping coaches grow their online and face to face businesses. In addition to supervision, I share a number of business tools and best practices to help coaches enhance their approach to their practice and engagement with clients.

I have extensive and diverse experience coaching individuals and groups in CEO, director, executive, general manager and non-executive levels in governmental, private and non-profit sectors. I also work as a coach supervisor with a diverse array of coaches globally in corporate and private contexts.

I supervise using a co-creative and appreciative approach. I use transactional analysis (TA) as a framework to help explore experiences and relationships. TA is a globally employed psychological model for understanding and developing organisations’ cultures and people’s thinking, feeling and behaviour.

As a coach, I love supporting my clients in taking the lead in their own journeys to effective relationships and communication skills, with clear thinking and accountable action.

Social Responsibility

I serve voluntary roles in the following NPO/NGOs:

My past roles in voluntary capacities:

  • SATAA Board Secretary
  • COMENSA Supervision Portfolio Committee vice chairperson
  • COMENSA Membership Criteria and Standards of Competence Committee vice chairperson
  • COMENSA Western Cape Vice Chair
  • COMENSA Western Cape Secretary